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Organic Search Engine Optimization




Organic search engine optimization, also known as natural search engine optimization, or organic SEO is a term applied to getting ranked in the search engines exposure without paying for inclusion, or the costs associated with pay-per-click programs.

Search positioning is not just about gaining visitors, although that is the obvious benefit. There are also issues regarding brand protection, media awareness, corporate communications to name but a few.

Organic SEO and Natural Wheat

What is Organic SEO?
Organic SEO is the process that is used to enable any given website to feature in the natural results in leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN. Organic search positions (SERPS) are attained naturally based on a search engine's interpretation of the quality of any given website.

These natural search positions cannot be bought or purchased through any type of bid process and subsequently there is no quick fix to get prominent listings in any competitive field.

Organic SEO involves creating website content, design, architecture, and a link building campaign all needed to target the relevant search engine and get listed with a high ranking. SEO designed web sites contain content that visitors find informative and very relevant to their searches.

Organic listings are difficult to attain due to the complex process that search engines use in their algorithms to rank websites and determine what information a website best qualifies to be listed for. Use quality content.

This is now further complicated by the growing number of regulationsthat a website needs to meet before it can become competitive.

Successful organic optimization combines technical know-how and persuasive marketing. One of the first steps in organic optimization is determining what key phrases are to be used to match searchers with your product or service. This is where a SEO copywriting specialist is an absolute must.

Results for organic listings in search engines, since it is free, is non-biased, and therefore are ranked only according to that search engine's algorithm.

There are a number of ways search engine optimization can positively impact your business:

  1. High quality Internet promotion is relatively low in cost when compared to other forms of advertising.
  2. Research has shown that 80 percent of all websites are found through people using search engines, making high search engine positioning critical in today’s business market.
  3. The technology of search engine optimization has provided new, as well as old, businesses with an amazing opportunity to increase sales while reducing costs.
  4. Your website can instantly be more successful by using skillfully prepared text and keyword phrasing.
  5. More and more companies are moving to the Internet but becoming technically savvy is not easy for owners. Hiring a search engine marketing firm can put your business ahead of the competition.

If your company is not listed on the first two pages of the search results, your business can be significantly impacted. Employing a professional search engine marketing firm can make a vast difference in your profits.

Search Engine Optimization - This will either involve us in making the changes to your site or we will advise you on the changes that are required. This may involve changes to any of the following.

  • Web Site Copy - Your web site copy may not be Search Engine friendly and updating it along with the structure of your site may needed.
  • Web Site Links - Internal and external links may need modifications to be more Search friendly.
  • Site Navigation - Important for both user experience and search engines.
  • Images - The images within your site may need modifications.
  • Page Ranking - We will work on your page ranking and help to promote your site by improving relevant content and importance.
  • Keyword Monitoring - You have the option to have us work with your site on an on-going basis. Other sites will come along and may push your site down. We will monitor your site on a regular basis as required.

It is important to remember that each page within your site should only be targeting a select few keywords. webRight will work with you to develop each page as determined by your needs and research. Costs depend on the size of site and the number and competitiveness of the keywords and phrases.

It must also be noted that it is impossible to guarantee a specific position in any search engine at any given time. Companies that guarantee you a top position in any given search engine may get you that position based on obscure keywords that nobody every requests. webRight optimizes pages to best suit the needs of the people who need to find you.


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