Raymond Deschenes is a SEO specialist for webRight in Louisville, Kentucky

webRight specializes in: Search Marketing
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Raymond Deschenes
Raymond Deschenes
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webRight is a SEO company located in the east-end of Louisville, Kentucky.

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As a Search company, webRight offers top notch Search Marketing services based on years of web marketing experience.

Now, through evolution, hard work and best practices, webRight now offers Local Search Optimization in Louisville, Kentucky to their menu of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing services.


Having a good looking website that does not perform is like having a really great store, with great products, on a dead end street, that no one knows about. Similar to traditional advertising, without being found in the search engines, no one will visit your store and your business will suffer from not being found.

According to Nielsen//NetRatings MegaView Search, December 2006, the top 5 Search Providers for November 2006, Ranked by Searches in the United States are:

  1. Google Search 3,097,838,000 searches with a year over year growth of 31% accounting for 49.5% share of searches.
  2. Yahoo! Search 1,518,249,000 searches with a year over year growth of 27% accounting for 24.3% share of searches.
  3. MSN/Windows Live Search 515,526,000 searches with a year over year growth of -12% accounting for 8.2% share of searches.
  4. AOL Search 389,577,000 searches with a year over year growth of 11% accounting for 6.2% share of searches.
  5. Ask.com Search 159,586,000 searches with a year over year growth of 33% accounting for 2.6% share of searches.

My Way Search, Dogpile.com Search, EarthLink Search, BellSouth Search, Comcast Search combined accounted for 4.2% share of searches.

Advertising in today's market includes advertising on the Internet. Search Engines can provide one of the best ways to drive customers to your business.

Our job as a Search Engine Marketing specialist is based on a simple premise.
"webRight will analyse your website and Search Engine performance and let you know how to make it better."

According to Giselle Abramovich of DM News: "Search is taking over, and not incorporating search into one's marketing mix is foolish."

webRight's experience and affiliations with some of the best people in the Search Marketing industry can help improve your search engine rankings and your business. Arrow ending paragraph


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Our Search specialist Raymond Deschenes knows each Search Engine.
Remember, specialist are a cost effective way to do business.

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