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Successful SEO copywriting increases your search engine ranking, it improves your conversion rates and your return on investment (ROI). However, copywriting is just one piece of the Search Engine Optimization Formula.

Searchers are readers. So a successful organic marketing strategy doesn't begin with an expensive SEO company -- it begins with expert writing. You'll achieve top listings in the search engines by creating quality content visitors want -- content they seek, read and use.

That is how you'll appeal to spider bots, improve your link popularity, achieve top listings and drive more organic (FREE) traffic to your Web site.

SEO copywriting is part of the optimization puzzle. Coding and linking are two other extremely important factors that come into play when optimizing a site for the major search engines. If copywriting were the sole factor, then keyword density formulas may be the solution.

Content is optimized for search engines by incorporating relevant key phrases or words into the site's literature. From experience, I know effective SEO copywriting, proper coding and linking all play an important role in Search Engine ranking.


The first secret in SEO copywriting is to determine the correct keywords and key phrases to be used on each web page. Have separate pages for each product and service you offer then optimize each of those pages to match your keyword or phrases related to the product or service on that page.

The second secret is to select from the most frequently searched terms, two or three key phrases that are targeted to your product or service then fit those keywords grammatically into the copy for that page. At all cost, avoid keyword stuffing as this can penalize your ranking.

Place these keywords in title and heading tags noting that descriptive keyword copy writing including two to four keywords are better than keywords.

So yes, there is traditional copywriting, website copywriting and SEO copywriting. webRight knows the difference in copywriting and has the needed skills to effectively enhance rankings on Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines. It is not enough just to write any copy for your website. Copy must include specific keyword / key phrase density, it must sell the product, it must be readable and it must make sense.

Search Engine Optimization copywriting is essential to your success!


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webRight provides SEO copywriting to increase search engine rankings. For an evaluation of your copy please contact me at Please put SEO copywriting in subject line.

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